Your library is already open

Expected Behavior

I expect PhotoStructure to run when I start it.

Current Behavior

I upgraded to Windows version 21H1 and now PhotoStructure won’t start. Getting error "your library at (my path here) is already open on (my pc name here).

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Upgrade to latest Windows version, requiring a reboot.
  2. Try to launch photostructure.
  3. Observe error. Choices are try again, pick a different library, or quit.


Operating system and version: Windows 10 21H1

PhotoStructure edition: PhotoStructure for Desktop v1.0.0-beta.3

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This will be due to PhotoStructure not shutting down gracefully, but a standard reboot should be detected and let PhotoStructure shut down. I’ll try to reproduce locally.

The open-lock will automatically expire in (I believe 15 minutes?): but you can delete it manually, too:

Open you library in Windows explorer. Change the view option to show hidden files. Open the . photostructure directory, and delete the opened-by directory. PhotoStructure’s did restart normally.

Deleting the opened-by directory does solve the problem, but a standard reboot is not always detected because this error is still occuring (infrequently).

I’ll see if there’s a different shutdown hook I can register for, and see if there’s a way to detect if the prior lock is from the same host but a different boot.

We now automatically erase “stale” opened-by lockfiles in v2.0.0-alpha.2. The new default value for “stale” is 5 minutes, and is configurable via the openLockStaleMinutes setting.