Search photos by location

Hello everyone, my english isn’t the best but I’m trying to explain a feature that I would be missing in Photostructure. Photostructure runs wonderfully on my Unraid - No problems so far, not even with 2.1 Alpha3. The only function I miss or can’t find?
a) Find photos by location. b) Sort photos by location. c) View photos taken at a location on a map.

I hope you understand what I mean.

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Howdy @kolbebub , welcome to PhotoStructure!

The first step for proper geo support is already in the importer: PhotoStructure extracts GPS metadata and adds a geohash to assets with these tags.

There are a couple other feature requests to track your (excellent) suggestions:

Neither of those really cover the idea of geo searching, so I’m going to update the title of this topic now.

Reverse geocoding will mean you can search for country, state, county, city, and place of interest, because those will be hierarchical tags.

Ideally geo support would also enable a new “asset stream” that is “assets nearby”, which would use the geohash.

Can you elaborate on what you mean by “Sort photos by location”?

sorry my english is sometimes cruel. yes, the word geotagging did not occur to me. What I meant by sorting by location was the function on my old synology there with “photos Mobile” (synology photo app) that can “sort” albums by location on a map. sorry I can’t explain it any better. but maybe this screenshot will help:
Mfg Richard

Ah, got it! Your English is fine–I just wanted to make sure I knew what you were asking.

Thanks for those screenshots, that makes it clear what you’re wanting. This would indeed be a splendid feature (Google Photos uses a heatmap which is interesting as well).