The next release: subscriptions and pricing information

For the past year, PhotoStructure has been available for use for free in exchange for your feedback. The thoughts and guidance our early users have shared with us has been invaluable: thank you!

Version 0.9 was the last beta release of PhotoStructure. For details about pricing, subscriptions, lite versus plus features, what happens when subscriptions lapse, and many other details, please read

Version 1.0 is on track to be released in the next couple weeks: it’s going to be the biggest release of PhotoStructure yet!


When do you think we might see support for searching? I commonly have found the image on google photos and would like download the high res version to my laptop so I can make a book or print photos online. Just image name search is all I really care about.

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Search is one of the most-voted-for feature requests:

Make sure you add your vote to that. Please add any ideas you think I should consider, and vote or add any other the features you want, as well.

The next release, v1.0, is frozen for new features: I’m trying to get it out the door by the end of this month. Search is already on my todo list for v1.1 (March-ish? Take that with a grain of salt, though: my forecasting is garbage).

:+1: Thanks for sharing!

Is there a release day? i am looking forward to trying v1.0, as teh whole random seed thing has stopped me from using it too often.

PS Thanks for the Stickers!

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There will be v1.0 “pre-releases”: alpha and beta builds that will almost certainly have bugs, but be available sooner.

I’m posting updates here:

Really looking forward to v1.
Is there any way I can donate to a ‘coffee fund’ in the meantime?
Thanks for all your hard work brother.